Businessman Suleimanov killed his ex -wife: she did not allow her to see her children

A preliminary investigation was completed in the criminal case of a 45-year-old businessman Mehman Suleimanov, accused of killing his wife. According to the Haqqı correspondent, the materials of the criminal case were sent for consideration by the Ganja Court of serious crimes. The case is conducted by Judge Nural Aliyev.

The tragedy occurred on March 24 this year in the village of Delimamedli, Geranboy district. The husband and wife of the Suleimanov for a year lived separately, although there was no official divorce. Three children remained with her mother, who moved to his father. Suleimanov visited children. Once, on the occasion of the holiday, Novruz Suleimanov wanted to take a walk with children, but his wife, 37-year-old Afsan, opposed this. The next day the same thing was repeated.

A day later, Suleimanov again tried to achieve a meeting with children. The woman, leaving her father’s house, accidentally saw her husband. When asked where the children, Afsan did not answer, and a conflict occurred between the spouses. The woman began to run away from Suleimanov, who began to pursue her in her car. Before the music school, the man knocked down Afsan, the woman received severe injuries. However, Mehman did not calm down on this and hit her several times with a knife. The prosecutor’s office of the Granboy district opened a criminal case under article 120.1 (intentional murder) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.