By order of Assad: main Iranian general was expelled from Syria

Bashar Assad achieved the shift of the Mustafa Javad Gafari from the post of commander of the Iranian special forces of “Kuds” in the Syrian territory. This is reported by the news portal “TRT in Russian” with reference to the Jordanian TV channel “Al-Hadat”.

The publication states that the reason for the removal of Gafari has become corruption, a violation of sovereignty and unauthorized actions against Israel and the United States.

According to the report of the TV channel, the commander of the al-Kuds units and the Gafari Mustafa Gafari in Syria contributed to the country of smuggling goods and the organization of the Black Market, which was competition to the State and Private Syrian market. In addition, the Iranians and their mercenaries used the natural resources of Syria without the consent of the authorities, and the commercial structures created by them evaded taxes.

Mustafa Gafari not only openly declared the presence of the Pierrant Armed Forces in areas where Damascus allegedly prohibited their placement, but also acted against the USA and Israel, as a result of which Syria was on the threshold of the regional war, the reporting “Al-Hadat” said .

The source of the TV channel believes that the expulsion of Gafari, who “walked in the footsteps of Caasem Suleimani” is a blow to the Iranian project of creating a “land bridge” between Iran and Lebanon.

Turkish publication notes that, perhaps, such a publication is a tool of information war, since it appeared the day after the first visit to Damascus of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Abdalla Ibn Zaida An-Najiana. The Syrian authorities are trying to manipulate the theme of the decline in Iranian influence to return to the lag and building connections with Arab countries interested in deterrent to Tehran.