California: US Marine Corps convertoplane crashed

In California, the Bell V-22 OSPREY Corps of the United States crashed in California, the US Naval Institute said.

According to the local portal, there were five people aboard, now they are looking for them. “We can confirm that the aircraft belonging to the 3rd Marine Corps Aviation was crashed near Glamis, California, there are military and civilian reaction services on the spot,” said the representative of the unit. The number of people on board the aircraft was not specified there, noting that in such an airplane the crew usually consists of three to five people. The distance from the GLEMIS to the Mexican border is about 70 km.

In the institute’s report, information from Twitter is also refuted that there was a “radioactive material” on board the ship. They promised to report details about this later. According to the military, a reporter from San Diego, specializing in aviation, as well as the portal, which issued a radioactive danger to his customers.