Can Iranian and Chinese air defense systems protect Syria from Israeli air raids?

After several Israeli airstrikes for targets in the area of ​​Damascus, the Syria Ministry of Defense in recent weeks has posted new air defense systems in the capital. This was reported by the Damasian city news edition of Sawt Al-Simah (“Voice of the Capital”).

According to the publication that refers to informed sources, in the area of ​​Damascus there are interference systems, early warning systems and other anti -arrowal defense systems. According to sources, we are talking about North Korean and Chinese systems that have taken to the country over the past months through the territory of Iran. Their goal is to protect Syria from Israeli airstrikes.

The publication quoted by the Israeli edition of Details is noted with reference to sources in the Syria Ministry of Defense that the new systems were tested in late October. The radars were able to detect Israeli planes at least twice and forced them to cancel the attacks. The reliability of this message was unknown, but indeed, in November it was not reported about Israeli strikes in the area of ​​the Syrian capital.

Sources reported that over the past two weeks, Iran has posted two Bavar-373 systems (similar to the S-300) in Syria: one in the vicinity of Damascus, the other near the town of Rahla near the border with Lebanon.

It is argued that the River groups delivered these attitudes to Syria by land through Iraq back in August after this issue was agreed between Russia and Syria.

According to Sawt Al-ASIMAH, over the past two months the number of Israeli raids has decreased significantly. Over the past month, there were practically no them. Military analysts believe that this is due to the reduction of Iranian supplies of weapons to Syria. However, the sources of the publication insist that Iranian transport aircraft began to arrive at Damascus much more often, spending an average of two flights a week. We are talking about aircraft related to the CSIR, which deliver the Iranian military cargo. According to the sources of the radio station, this is due to the effective activity of new air defense systems, which is why Israel was forced to cancel air strikes from Lebanon airspace.

At the same time, it is noted that the flights of Israeli and American reconnaissance aircraft studying what are happening in Syria were activated, including they observe new air defense systems.