Canada: it is recommended not to use Tiktok media platform

The Head of the Security Intelligence (CSIS) of Canada David Vignio called not to use the social media platform Tiktok on the grounds that it is an information channel for the Chinese government.

Vignio made a warning about Tiktok in an interview with CBC News.

He emphasized that Tiktok should not be used on the grounds that it is an information channel for the Chinese government: “My answer as a director is that the Chinese government has a very clear strategy for obtaining personal information from any person around the world “.

Having stated that he will not advise anyone to use Tiktok, Vignio said: “Most people say:“ Why is it so important for young people to have their own data (on Tiktok)? Five years later, after 10 years, this young man will become an adult and will engage in various activities around the world. “

“If for some reason you become a target (Chinese People’s Republic), they will have a lot of information about you,” said Vignio.

indicating that in China there are large centers for processing and analyzing data and artificial intelligence is being developed, he argued that the ultimate goal is always to protect the interests of the Chinese Communist Party.

Vignio noted that the chairman of the PRC Xi Jinping adopted a law that controls the information and requiring China from citizens, wherever they live, to help Chinese scouts.

In many countries, especially in the USA, Tiktok is considered as a problem of “national security”.

Director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Christopher Vray, claimed that the Tiktok application, the main partner of which is the Chinese company ByTedance, gives China the opportunity to control the data of millions of users.

The bill, which opens the way to transfer Tiktok data to the United States and prohibits it in case of refusal, was signed by US President Joe Bayden on April 24 and entered into force.