Canadian scientist: earthquakes in Turkey became one of largest on land

Recent earthquakes in Turkey are among the largest underground jerks with the epicenter on land ever registered in the world.

This was in an interview with Anadolu by a professor of seismology at Victoria University (Canada) Edwin Nissen.

According to him, these earthquakes are included in the top five or the top ten strongest registered continental earthquakes.

“What makes them so destructive is a combination of scale and location in the densely populated part of Turkey,” Nissen explained.

The scientist noted that the most powerful earthquakes usually occur in the oceans.

Nissen recalled that the natural disaster became the most deadly in Turkey’s history after an earthquake in the province of Erzinjan in the east of the country in 1939, as a result of which more than 30 thousand people died.

The scientist added that the earthquake time was “especially unfavorable”, since it occurred in the middle of the night in conditions of harsh winter.

“This is another factor that determines such a large number of dead and wounded,” Nissen said.