Cappadocia awaits record number of tourists

The number of tourists who visited one of the important tourist centers of Turkey is the Kappadokia region, from January to April, increased compared to the same period of 2022.

Cappadocia, which is known for its fairy -tale valleys, natural rock formations, underground settlements, historical monasteries carved in the rock, is always in the spotlight and attracts a large mass of tourists. Cappadocia has a unique natural landscape. Cappadocia is, first of all, the Valley of Peribajalara (“Magic fireplaces” or “fireplaces”) and the remains in the form of stone pillars of bizarre forms and outlines.

Tourists flow in Cappadocia, included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, this year is beating all records. In January of this year, about 175 thousand people visited the region, in February this figure was about 100 thousand. In March, Cappadocia accepted 170 thousand, and in April 430 thousand tourists. In total, more than 870 thousand people visited the region from the beginning of the year.

The head of the municipality Urgyup Mehmet Akturk, in an interview with an ANADOL agency correspondent, spoke about the situation in this area.

“2022 by the numbers of visiting tourists for us was a record. We expect that this year we will update our record,” Akturk said.

Member of the Union of Service for Infrastructure of the Travel Region of Cappadocia Abdull Inal, in turn, stated that from the second half of the year groups from China and Japan would begin, and this situation is promising.

“Many travel companies from China and Japan plan new tours to Turkey, in particular to our region. If we consider the tourist flow in countries, the share of South Korea has noticeably increased. As for the leaders in these indicators, then this is Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. Tourists from these countries visit the region for a year. According to our forecasts this year, Cappadocia will visit a record number of tourists. “

Note that flights on balloons in Cappadocia are one of the most popular areas of tourism in Turkey. Flights in balloons are performed on average 300 days a year. In recent years, these flights have become one of the main factors attracting tourists to Cappadocia.