Case of Killer Asadova: Three accused were released

Cyprus is a court in the case of a 38-year-old citizen of Russia of the Azerbaijani origin of Orhan Asadov, arrested for planning the murder of Israeli businessmen. In case, five more people detained on charges of collusion with Asadov.

According to HaqQin.Az, with reference to the Cyprus media, the three detainees on this case were released on the basis of the petition of lawyers. According to a lawyer, there are no direct evidence of the involvement of these persons to the crime, and indirects do not give grounds for their arrest.

Against Orhans Asadov, charges of dozens of articles are nominated, among which and terrorism. Of the five people detained for conspirass with asads, four – immigrants from Pakistan, and one – from Lebanon.

It is reported that two of the suspects sent to each other in the messenger address of the alleged victims.

During the court in Nicosia, the judge decided to free the three employees secured in 2 thousand euros. These faces every week during the whole trial should be celebrated in the police.

Recall that Azerbaijani Killer Orhan Asadov was arrested on September 27 of this year in Cyprus on the basis of information provided by Israeli special services. It turned out that he left Russia to Cyprus 2 weeks before arrest. The Israeli government declares that the Iranian special services planned to carry out terror against Israeli businessmen in Cyprus and for this purpose sent one of their agents to Russia.

Recall, Asadad lived in Moscow, she was engaged in retail and provided a taxi service. It was reported that he was a member of the Society of “Ahley Beit” in Russia, and in his phone the propaganda videos “Hezbollah” were discovered. The Israeli “Mossad” has long followed the Israeli long ago, and when he appeared in Cyprus, it was immediately informed by the intelligence services of this country. Based on this information, the Cypriot police began tracking aside and detained it “at the last moment, in step from committing the murder.” With it, a gun with a silencer and 3 mobile phones were discovered. Later, other persons associated with Asadov were installed and arrested.