Catar Foreign Minister: Events in Gaza indicate double standards of international community

Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdurrahman Al Tanya said that the events in the gas indicate double standards of the international community, adding that his country continues to make efforts to achieve a ceasefire.

According to the official Catari Agency QNA, Minister Al Tanya spoke at the opening of the 21st Dokhi Forum, which will last two days in the capital of the country of Doha under the motto “on the way to building a common future.”

“The current crisis (in Gaza) clearly showed the scale of the gap between the east and the West, between replacing each other generations and double standards in the international community,” the minister said.

He noted that his country believes in the importance of mediation in resolving conflicts and strives for this.

The forum will discuss “International relations and safety, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, economic development and stability”, as well as current issues, including the situation in gas, energy and food security.