Cave dupnitsa in Trakia attracts visitors with bats

The only cave in the Turkish tract, a hollow, open to tourism, attracts the attention of visitors to its rich ecosystem and a population of bats.

The cave is located in the Demirkei area in Kyrklalli in the territory of 2700 meters.

The cave consists of two parts and is open only for tourism. From its 500-meter section you can visit only 100 meters.

About 60 thousand screeched 16 types live in the cave.

Every year, thousands of local and foreign tourists visit the cave, which attracts attention with its rich stone formations, stalactites, stalagmites, columns and stone pools reaching giant sizes.

Director of the Department of Culture and Tourism, Vel Shen told Anadol that the Dupnik cave, located at the foot of the Radge Mountains, has a very important potential in terms of speleoturism.

According to him, the cave was formed as a result of karst and underground formations for millions of years. “Our country is very rich in terms of speleology. About 40 caves are in Kyrklally. Especially the Dupnitsa cave received thousands of local and foreign tourists since its opening in 2003,” said Shen.

He noted that the tempera of the air at the exit from the cave is about 17 degrees, and at the entrance – about 12 degrees.

“In this regard, the cave has a very special diversity. I think that this balance of cold and heat plays an important role in the formation of colors, as well as stalactites and stalagmites in the cave,” said Shen.

He drew attention to the fact that last year the Dupnitsa cave visited 100 thousand local and foreign tourists, in 10 months of this year the number of visitors amounted to 70 thousand

According to him, part of the cave during certain periods is closed to visitors so that bats can multiply.

Shen noted that Kyrklalley is in a unique place – on one side the border with Bulgaria, on the other, is close to Istanbul.

Head of the Department of Arts of Arts University (TU) prof. Dr. Engin Bexach said that the caves in the village of Sinnakeni district Lalapash Edirne attracted the attention of researchers and history lovers.

Bexach emphasized that the caves should be guarded and attracted to the sphere of tourism.