Ceiling of prices for Russian oil can be $ 60 per barrel

The European Commission recommended that all 27 EU member countries have a ceiling of prices for Russian oil at 60 dollars per barrel, reports Wall Street Journal with reference to its own sources.

The ceiling of prices for Russian oil must be agreed until December 5, when oil sanctions against Russia are required to enter into force.

The disputes around the ceiling of prices in the EU have been going on for several months. Part of the EU countries, including Poland and the Baltic countries, were outraged by the price of $ 65-70 proposed by the ceiling for barrels, since it approximately corresponds to the current price of the main Russian Urals variety in Europe (62-68 dollars) and three times higher than the cost of production . This will allow Russia to earn export. Therefore, Poland wants to lower the bar below. Others, first of all, Greece, on the contrary, wanted to raise it above $ 70, the agencies previously reported.