Chairman of State Duma of Russian Federation: “The problem of Ukrainian refugees” threatens migration crisis in Europe

The problem of Ukrainian refugees threatens the migration crisis in Europe, said the chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin.

“The mobilization of Ukrainians hidden in the European Union fell. The problem of Ukrainian refugees is becoming more dangerous for Europe and threatens to develop into a new migration crisis,” he said.

According to Volodin, on the one hand, the European Union countries would like to “get rid” of Ukrainian refugees, since their content has become burdensome for the economy.

The expenses of Germany under this article have already amounted to 23.68 billion euros, Poland – 22.17 billion euros, the Czech Republic – 5.75 billion euros, Spain – 5.33 billion euros, France – 3.25 billion euros, the head explained Russian State Duma.

On the other hand, too many Ukrainian refugees live in European states – 4.3 million people and an attempt to deport them can turn into even greater problems for these countries, Vyacheslav Volodin is convinced.

“Despite the aspirations of Washington and Brussels to fight to the last Ukrainian, the possibilities of making people go to the front are less and less. Even new mobilization in Ukraine does not help. The losses are huge, and it is impossible to hide them,” the publication says.


Volodin is convinced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are “demoralized”, and therefore, citizens of Ukraine do not want to become “cannon fodder”, returning home from the territory of Europe.

“Based on this, we can conclude: if only in the EU states begins to make decisions on the transfer of conscription citizens of Ukraine to the Kyiv regime, riots organized by Ukrainians who do not want to go to faithful death to preserve the personal power of Zelensky and the Kiev regime of Ukrainian Union. piles of oligarchs, ”he wrote.

Therefore, the leadership of the European Union was in a situation where it is better to do nothing, any decisions made in this part are fraught with, summarized Volodin.