Chalaf Halafov On results of first meeting of platform “3 + 3”

Today in Moscow, a constituent meeting of the regional consultation mechanism “3 + 3” at the level of deputy ministers of foreign affairs of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Russia and Turkey was held.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Halaf Halafov, answering the media question about the meeting in the “3 + 3” format in Moscow, said that within the framework of the meeting mechanism, discussions at the level of deputy ministers will be carried out on a rotational basis every time in one country participant, at least twice a year.

“Meetings and discussions will be held as part of the coordination and management of ministries of foreign affairs with the participation of ministries of economics and transport, as well as other sectoral structures, if such a need arises. Depending on the development of the functioning of the consultation mechanism, meetings and discussions may be organized for more High level. The work of the mechanism will be carried out on the principle of consensus. In meetings, general regional issues may be discussed and promoting regional stability and prosperity. Conducting a regular meeting will be coordinated by diplomatic channels, the diplomat said.