Champions League Cup was put up in Istanbul

The Champions Football Champions League Cup was brought to Istanbul

The Honorary Trophy was put up at the Vodafone Park.

Vodafone Park.

The sponsor of the event was FEDEX.

The ceremony was attended by the former football player of the national team of Turkey and Istanbul Fenerbahce Volkan Demirel, the Vice President of Fedex Express, Seser Seek and the leading sales manager, Fedex Express Ipek Baykurt Akgun.

“To participate in the event under the auspices of the UEFA Champions League is a great honor. It reminds me of the past. I experienced the peak of this feeling in 2008, in the quarterfinal match (Champions League) in the” Fenerbach “against Seville. UEFA is a leading club tournament. It is a great honor for me that I had a chance to play in this tournament, I am proud of this, ”he said.

The participants of the event were photographed with the cup.

On June 10, 2023, at the Olympic stadium Ataturk in Istanbul, the Champions League finals will be held. In a decisive match, the English “Manchester City” and the Italian “International” will come together.