ChatGPT users will be able to access Dimensions database

ChatGPT paid users will be able to access one of the largest databases “Dimensions”, which combines information about tens of millions of scientific articles, patents, grants, clinical studies, regulatory documents.

Digital Science announced the production of two new products – Dimensions Research GPT and Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise, which provide reliable coverage of Dimensions on the ChatGPT platform.

The product under consideration offers users all research, clinical trials and patents in the Dimensions database.

For example, using Dimensions Research GPT, users can access research on the desired topic by introducing the clinical tests of the malaria vaccine in Chatgpt, and then the command “Show research articles confirming these clinical trials”.

“The purpose of this tool is not only to answer questions, but also to provide a new way to study research in a wider context,” said Daniel Hook, chief executive director (CEO) Digital Science.