Chavushoglu: over 550,000 Syrians returned to their homes

over 550,000 Syrian refugees who found a shelter in Turkey, returned to areas in the north of Syria, purified of terrorism. This was stated by the Foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Chavushoglu.

“We sent 553 thousand refugees to the areas that we cleared of terrorists,” said the diplomat of the Ether of the NTV television channel.

According to him, 240,000 houses will be built in the north of Syria, where 1 million refugees will be resettled.

“We want to send the Syrians not only to the security zones, but also to the areas controlled by the regime (Bashar Assad),” the minister said.

The head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry emphasized the importance of four -sided meetings on Syria with the participation of representatives of Turkey, the Russian Federation, Iran and the regime of Bashar al -Assad.

“At the last meeting of foreign ministers in Moscow, we agreed on the preparation of infrastructure for the safe return of the Syrians to the regime of the regime. It was decided to create a commission at the level of deputy ministers,” he said.

Chavushoglu noted that the elimination of a terrorist threat in Syria is necessary to ensure its safety and stability.