Chavushoglu: “Russia will not interfere with Turkey’s operations in Syria”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Mevlut Chavushoglu, said that his country and Russia have disagreements for surgery in the north of Syria, but Ankara does not believe that Russia will prevent it. He said this in an interview with NTV.

According to him, the Turkish side did not receive any sharp reaction and protest from Moscow. “No, I do not think that Russia will interfere. We have disagreements with Russia on many issues, including actions in Ukraine, the non-recognition of Crimea, etc. But we have economic, political relations,” Kommersant quotes it.

He also noted that the United States and Russia “did not hold the word” given by Turkey for terrorists in Syria, so Ankara will have to solve the issue themselves: “On the other hand, CC and Russia do not have the right to speak regarding the planned operation of the Turkish Armed Forces, they did not keep their word “.