Cherries, like an Azerbaijani dream, for which you can sit in prison

In social networks, passions are boiling around the sky -high prices for seasonal fruits and, in particular, for cherries.

After the reporting with the monitoring of seasonal prices, this problem was updated so that the high cost of the markets was spoke in the walls of Milli Majlis.

So the chairman of the Ana Veten party, deputy Fazail Agamaly, commenting on the next increase in deputy salaries, said that, even despite the status of a people’s chosen one, he could not afford to buy cherries on the market, a kilogram of which costs 8-10 manat.

The revelations of the deputy were immediately dismantled for memes, and in social networks an impromptu contest of jokes and wit began on the topic of the predatory value of cherries.

The fact is that the complainations of the phasail Agamals coincided with the beginning of the auction of the berries, which is traditional in Japan. And, as you know, this year a new record was set there – boxes with 15 berries of cherries of the Juno Heart variety were sold for 4.4 thousand dollars.

Of course, the prices for super -consuming Japanese cherries are not comparable with the one that our farmers grow. But from this, the Azerbaijani cherries did not cease to be coveted by goods. Moreover, so that some Azerbaijanis are even ready to go for a crime, just to provide themselves to the reserves of their favorite fruit.

So, the employees of the Garadagsky district police department managed to disclose a very unusual crime – 340 (!!) kilograms of cherries were stolen from a resident of the Tovuzsky district, who traded in the market of Tovuzsky district,

As a result of operational-search measures, the alleged criminal was detained. It turned out to be a resident of Shirvan S. Guseynov, who has a chance to enter the textbooks of domestic forensics, as the first “serial” kidnapper of cherries. As the operatives installed, on June 11, Huseynov stole a 1.500 manat on the market on the market, and on June 27 – another 630 manat.

Let us recall the readers that in the yard is in the midst of summer! And if in the near future it is not possible to stabilize fruits, the number of such crimes can increase significantly, and the Azerbaijani colonies will replenish new criminal authorities whose way to the world of criminals began with the theft of seasonal fruits box.

Well, how can I not recall the song from the legendary Soviet film “Wedding with the attached” – “Because of you, my cherries, I quarrel with a friend …”