China: 21 athlete frozen death during marathon

21 Athlete frozen to death during a 100-kilometer ultramaraphon in the northwestern province of Gansu (China), reports Sina.

Marathon started in the morning on Saturday with sunny weather. By the middle of the day, weather conditions have changed, ice rain and hail began. After the temperature dropped sharply, the runners began to inform about the supercooling, some athletes were missing. Local authorities sent in search of the missing team of 700 rescuers, the race was stopped.

172 people took part in the marathon. 151 of them were evacuated from the distance, their condition is estimated as stable. Rescuers found the bodies of the rest of the runners. Among the 21 deceased athlete, the owner of two National Records Liang Jing was discovered. The 31-year-old athlete was a multiple winner of ultramaraphones and other race in China, and also established two national records, overcoming the distance in 149.51 km (in 2014) and 151.2 km (in 2018).