China about nuclear war

China calls on the world community to firmly adhere to the consensus that there can be no winners in the nuclear war and it should never be unleashed.

This is stated in the concept of the initiative of global security presented by the PRC, the text of which was distributed by the Xinhua agency.

The document notes the need to comply with the leaders of 5 states with nuclear weapons published in January 2022, on the prevention of nuclear war and preventing the arms race. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between countries with nuclear weapons in order to reduce the risk of nuclear war.

It is also emphasized that it is necessary to promote international cooperation in the field of nuclear security in order to create a fair joint and mutually beneficial international nuclear security system.

The initiative of global security was proposed by the chairman of China Xi Jinping in April 2022. In the concept of global security initiative, China designated 6 principles of global security, and also put forward 20 priority areas for international cooperation in this area.