China accused Biden on Visit Peloshi to Taiwan

A trip of the USA speaker Nancy Pelosi was authorized by American President Joe Bayden, the Chinese ambassador to the United States Qin Gan said, Axios reports.

He rejected the idea that Biden, who publicly stated that the American military considered Pelosi’s visit a “bad idea”, did not authorize Pelosi’s visit. ”According to him, the administration“ agreed ”to the trip and that Congress was not independent , an uncontrolled branch of power in accordance with international law. “

Qin Gan emphasized that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is a serious violation of the principle of “one China”, China’s sovereignty, interference in his internal affairs and “a serious threat to the world and stability in the Taiwanese Strait”. The ambassador also warned that China would consider further sales of the United States, official trips to Taiwan or naval activity near the island as a provocation that even more destabilize relations between the two countries and prevent progress on other issues, in addition, Beijing will be forced to react “.