China advises European Union “take a look at ourselves” and introduces response sanctions

Beijing answered the introduction of sanctions against Chinese individuals and organizations. China has introduced restrictions against 10 people and 4 EU structures, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC said.

According to the application, the introduction of the EU sanctions – “a step, based only on lies and disinformation, which ignores and distorts facts, interferes with China’s internal affairs and violates international law, and also seriously undermines the relations of China and the EU,” Rosbalt reports .

“The Chinese side calls on the EU to look at ourselves honestly realize the seriousness of the error and correct it”, – emphasized in a statement


Listed persons and organizations in respect of which Beijing introduces sanctions. Restrictions will affect the five members of the European Parliament, representatives of the Netherlands Parliaments, Belgium and Lithuania, two scientists, as well as the EU Policy and Security Committee, the Council of Human Rights and the Human Rights, the Institute of China’s named after Gerhard Mercator and the Alliance Democracy Foundation. Persons and members of their families are now prohibited entry into the PRC, and organizations cannot be done in China.

Let’s remind, the EU decided to introduce restrictive measures previously within the sanctions for human rights violations, including against China.