China and India purchased cheap Russian fuel for billions

In three spring months, India and China spent $ 24 billion on Russian energy carriers, Bloomberg reports.

According to the report, the countries purchased oil, gas and coal from Moscow. China spent 18.9 billion dollars, it is almost twice as many as the same period of 2021. India purchased fuel for 5.1 billion euros, which is five times more than last year’s indicators.

Russia, in the context of sanctions and refusing traditional buyers from cooperation, began to offer their goods with a significant discount. However, in general, the prices of them against the background of the energy crisis in the world have grown significantly compared to last year’s level. Thanks to high prices for minerals and Asian customers, Russia’s income from the sale of energy in both states is 13 billion more than in the same period of 2021.

Experts I believe that the volume of exports of oil, gas and coal to Asian countries will continue to grow. After European sanctions imposed on Russia, energy exports to Europe were greatly reduced, so Moscow is forced to sell raw materials at a discount on Asia.