China and Saudi Arabia will go to space has already reported on the activity of Saudi Arabia in various fields, including in the energy, on its cooperation in the field of hydrogen fuel with South Korea. And here is a new turn: an agreement was signed on joint efforts in the development of cosmos of this country with China. Cooperation Patron Bureau of the United Nations Space Space. The agreement provides for the scientific mission of Saudi specialists in the Chinese Space Station already in 2022.

The foundation was the invitation to the Space Commission of Saudi Arabia and the Chinese Space Agency from the United Nations Bureau on Outer Space Affairs to the participation of both countries in joint scientific experiments. These works will be held on board the Chinese Space Station under the Program “Cooperation of United Nations and China in the field of using the Chinese Space Station.”

Experiment involving Saudi specialists is concentrated on the study of cosmic radiation on the effect of high-intensive solar cells installed on satellites, using the conditions of the space environment for conducting such studies and experiments.

The purpose of the experiments is the design of such solar batteries that will be able to operate at a high level of energy projects a sufficiently long period in order to ensure the duration of the energy supply required for the functioning of satellites and spacecraft. As a result, it will be possible to reduce the cost of an important part of space expeditions.

China, as not once reported HAQQIN.AZ, is active in many areas, both in the economy and in the field of international politics. Beijing does not hide that she seeks to take a dominant position not only in its region, but also in the world. China’s priorities include space.

Regarding the activities of the Middle Empire in the region near the borders of Azerbaijan, recently China has signed a document on “comprehensive strategic partnership” with Iran for a period of 25 years.