China announced “tightening conflict” in Ukraine

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Van and his French colleague Catherine Katrina on Thursday held a telephone conversation during which they confirmed the readiness for joint actions in order to peacefully resolve the war in Ukraine.

The PRC Foreign Ministry said that Van noted that “the conflict is delayed and becomes more and more complicated,” however, “calls to restore the world are increasingly persistent, and efforts to promote peaceful negotiations are more and more purposeful.” According to him, China intends to “make a constructive contribution” to the settlement of the crisis in its own way. Van and also expressed the opinion that the international community “should urgently show solidarity and help promote peaceful negotiations between Russia and Ukraine,” Rosbalt reports

The column, in turn, noted that Paris “will make all possible efforts” to restore the long -term world in Ukraine. According to her, the French authorities “approve of the actions of each of the interested parties taken to normalize the situation”.