China answered a Mask on Taiwan

China will continue to achieve a peaceful reunion with the island and will adhere to the principle of “one country – two systems” on Taiwan. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC Mao Nin in Firewall for the statement of Ilon Mask about the possibility of changing the status of the island, Russian media write.

Earlier, in an interview with the newspaper Financial Times, the entrepreneur suggested making Taiwan a special administrative district of China following the example of Hong Kong and Macau. He is sure that the conflict because of the island is inevitable and will cost the whole world expensive.

“The problem of Taiwan relates to the domestic political issues of our country. We will continue to adhere to the fundamental policy of a peaceful association in accordance with the principle” one country – two systems, “said the diplomat of Mao Nin. She added that China’s position remained in terms of Taiwan. unchanged, Beijing will continue to “firmly restrain attempts to interfere with external forces, resolutely protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China.”