China appealed to USA and Russia

China’s Foreign Minister Van and and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken held talks on the phone late in the evening on Wednesday. During the distinguishing, China told Washington, which hopes that all parties involved in the conflict around Ukraine will show calm and restraint and will be able to avoid the escalation of tension in the region. The United States in response emphasized the need for conflict de ease and warned of security risks and in the economy, which brings the possible Russian aggression. It is reported by the Russian BBC service.

“We call on all parties to remain calm and refrain from the steps that increase tensions and exacerbating the crisis,” the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

According to Reuters, Van and stated to his American colleague that the security of one country should not be sacrificed to the security of other states and that regional security cannot be achieved by strengthening and even expanding military units. Blinken, in turn, declared that “diplomacy and de-escalation is a responsible way forward.”

In a conversation with Blinken, the head of the Chinese Ministry of Fieldscharges the commitment to Minsk agreements. “To resolve the Ukrainian problem, we still have to return to the new Minsk Agreement – the starting point,” said Van and.

“The new Minsk Agreement approved by the Security Council is a fundamental political document recognized by all parties, and it should be effectively implemented. As long as efforts are made in accordance with the direction and spirit of this agreement, China will support them”, – Stressed China Foreign Minister.