China Blocked largest network of Russian propaganda

The Chinese social network Tiktok identified and blocked a network of accounts that distributed Russian propaganda and misinformation about the war in Ukraine, Bloomberg reports with reference to the company’s statement.

The network operated on from Russia and was aimed mainly at European users – in Germany, Italy and Great Britain. More than 1.7 thousand accounts distributed anti -Ukrainian propaganda and at the same time masked under European.

From July to September 2022, they managed to attract 133.5 thousand subscribers. It was not possible to reliably establish the connection of accounts with the Russian government, the Tiktok report, prepared as part of the EU program to combat misinformation.

The company emphasizes in the document that fake users of the Russian propagandist of the network used the synthesis of speech to “speak” in the languages ​​of their target audiences.

“We will see more and more similar campaigns, especially taking into account the development of artificial intelligence,” says Katie Karbat, chief executive director of Anchor Change and ex -director of Facebook for public policy.

As the technologies progress, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify such campaigns, and the propaganda that they spread looks more believable for the audience that it is aimed at, says the carbath.