China covered protests. In Urumchi, after death of people, Lokdown will weaken

After the protests due to a deadly fire in an apartment building in the capital of the Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region, Urumchi, the authorities of China said that they would weaken the Lokdown in the Paretapno region, CNN.

Urumchi with a population of about 4 million people since August has been under strict quarantine. Due to harsh restrictions, many of them have not been able to leave the house for about 100 days. Representatives of local authorities promised that they would weaken the Lokdown in areas classified by the authorities as a “low risk” category. Residents of these areas will be allowed to leave their homes at certain periods of time during the day.

In the cities of China, which is already a day passing mass protests against the policy of “zero tolerance” to the coronaviral infection conducted by the Chinese government. The Chinese authorities declare hard elbows in settlements where there are sick.

The protests that began in Urumchi covered many large cities and University campuses of China, Radio Liberty notes. Initially, the protesters demanded the abolition of the Locksuns, but, for example, in Shanghai, the demonstrators began to demand the resignation of the head of China Xi Jinping and the abolition of the leadership of the Communist Party of China as a whole.