China deepens cooperation with Russia contrary to pressure of West

Beijing makes an increasing rate on the development of economic relations and strategic interaction with Moscow against the backdrop of the pressure of the West, trying to use the influence of the PRC on the Russian Federation in order to end the war in Ukraine.

After the March visit of Chinese, China Xi Jinping to Moscow, China and the Russian Federation, new practical steps were taken to deepen cooperation, which manifested itself during the two -day negotiations of the Chairman of the Russian Government Mikhail Mishustin in the PRC.

Mishustin became the first high -ranking face of Russia who visited China after entering the Russian army into Ukraine.

On the first day of the visit, starting on May 23, the Russian prime minister took part in the business forum in Shanghai, and then went to Beijing to meet with the leadership of the PRC.

Mishustin said that the Russian economy has withstand the sanctioned pressure of the West and continues to develop, an important incentive for which is cooperation with China.

China remains the largest trading partner in Russia. The turnover between the two countries, according to the results of 2022, exceeded $ 190 billion, and in the first quarter of this year reached $ 52 billion, which is a quarter more than January-March 2021. The parties outlined a new goal for themselves: to bring to the end of this year trade to $ 200 billion.

At the same time, at the stage of implementation of 79 Russian-Chinese projects totaling $ 165 billion. It is interesting that 70 percent of the border trade between the Russian Federation and the PRC are carried out in the national currency, which reduces the dependence of the parties on the American dollar.

Moscow pays great attention to the agreement with the PRC on the project “New Ground Grain Corridor” Russia-China “, which was began to be implemented in 2016.

Then the Russian LLC “Trans -Baikal Grain Terminal” and the Chinese Muyang Holdings signed an agreement on the construction of the Transbaikal grain terminal. It was assumed that for 2018-2019, about 1.5 million tons of agricultural products will be exported through the “New Corridor”.

Already in 2022, the Russian Group Ground Grain Corridor Group (NSZK) conducted the construction of seven nodular linear elevators along the Trans -Siberian Railway, as well as a marine terminal in the Far East and Grain Khabs in Kazakhstan.

Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, China reached advanced positions and in the issue of procurement of oil and gas from Russia.

Mishustin’s visit to the PRC took place shortly after the Great Seven summit in Japan, which was perceived by many as a “signal” for the United States and other countries.

Analysts agree that China deepens cooperation with Russia contrary to the pressure of the West.