China put into operation a giant hydrostation

The first power units of the world’s largest hydroelectric power station Bayhetan, located on the Jinsha River (the influx of Yangtzi at the junction of the Southeast Provinces Sichuan and Yunnan), put into operation on Monday. This was reported by Central Television of China.

Chairman of the PRC Si Jinping welcomed the commissioning of the first power units of the hydroelectric station, transfers TASS.

According to Xi Jinping, Bayhetan is the largest national project that will contribute to the “electricity transfer from West to East PRC”. He also noted that this is the largest of the world under construction and the most difficult project in the field of hydropower.

China began to build HPP Bayhhetan in 2017. In May of this year, his completion was announced. According to the project, the total installed power of the HPP will be 16 GW. The average annual generation of HPP will be 62.4 billion kW / h. The world’s largest HPP is the Chinese Power Station “Three Gorges” (“Sanna”), located on the Yangtze River (Hubei Province, Central China). Its installed capacity is 22.5 GW.