China threatened Ukraine to deprive her vaccine

China to achieve from Ukraine refusal to call to a more thorough investigation of the observance of human rights in the Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Area (Xinjiang), threatened to suspend the supply of vaccine from coronavirus, reports Associated Press.

On Tuesday, June 22, Canada at a meeting of the Human Rights Council presented a joint statement of more than 40 countries who demanded that China discover to UN representatives to Sinziang-Uygur Autonomous Region for conducting an independent investigation. Human rights defenders believe that the local Muslim population represented by Uigurs is systematically subjected to discrimination, as well as massive extrajudicial conclusions.

Initially, Ukraine was on this list, but on Thursday, June 24, she came out of a joint statement. According to the source, it was done after China threatened to Ukraine that the supply of over 500 thousand doses of vaccines will be blocked.