CIA: China is preparing to establish control over Taiwan

According to US intelligence, the chairman of the PRC Xi Jinping ordered the army to be ready to conduct an operation to establish control over Taiwan by 2027.

This was announced in his speech at the University of Georgetown by the head of the US Central Intelligence Directorate (CIA) William Burns, reports Reuters.

“This does not mean that he decided to make an invasion of 2027, but this is a reminder of the seriousness of his guidelines and ambitions. Our conclusions in the CIA come down to the fact that I would not underestimate the ambitions of the chairman of Xi Jinping against Taiwan,” – Said Burns.

At the same time, he claims that the Chinese leader was probably “surprised and unsettled” when he saw how the conflict in Ukraine turned out for the Russian army. Berns is sure that Jinping most likely tried to learn from this lessons.