Citizens of 12 countries banned entry into Pakistan

The Office of Civil Aviation Pakistan introduced a complete ban on entering the country to citizens of 12 states due to a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus infected on their territory.

According to the report, entry into Pakistan will be completely closed for citizens of Botswana, Brazil, Colombia, Comoros, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Peru, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. The ban will act from March 23 to April 5.

“The temporary measure is introduced into the continuation of the steps taken to contain the dissemination of COVID-19 in Pakistan,” the TASS quotes the disposal of the department.

Passengers with more than 20 countries, including China, Japan, Australia, before departure to Pakistan will have to be passed the test on COVID-19.

According to the Ministry of Health of Pakistan, on Saturday, the country has recorded the highest daily increase in the number of infected coronavirus this year. Doctors revealed 3,876 new cases of infection, the indicator of the positive results of tests to Coronavirus on March 20 reached 9.4% in the country. March 20 was also reported that the Prime Minister of Pakistan was infected with Coronavirus, Imran Khan and his spouse.