Coach of Azerbaijani FC “Karabakh”: For us, main motivation is name of team

The Karabakh football club with all responsibility and dedication is working to bring Azerbaijan the victory on the UEFA Europa League and enter the team’s name in history.

About this agency, Anadolu, Gurban Gurbanov, coach of the Karabakh team, who brought the historical achievement of Azerbaijani football with the release of UEFA in 1/8 of the UEFA League.

The technical director said that he has been training Karabakh for 16 years and with the problems that the team faced in the first years of work managed to successfully cope.

Gurbanov says that the President of the Karabakh FC Abdolbari Gozal then immediately told him about the promise given to the deceased president and the national leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev to promote the team in Europe.

“For me, as an Azerbaijani, this became a great motivation. And I started work with this motivation. Although in the first year we were not able to win the championship, we won the Azerbaijani Cup. We also entered the UEFA playoffs. It was Great success for that time, ”says Gurbanov.

According to the coach, an additional motivation for him was a personal congratulation on the phone from the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev after the UEFA Europe is released in 1/8 of the Europa League.

He recalled that the word “Karabakh” is of great importance for all Azerbaijanis. “We worked well with the administration to glorify the name of Karabakh, and, thank God, today we see the results. We are working with a sense of responsibility, we are investing with all our hearts,” said Gurban Gurbanov.

The coach says that the leadership of the football club constantly tells foreign players as part of the team about the significance of the word “Karabakh” for Azerbaijan.

“The main motivation for us is the name of our team” Karabakh. “After the victory of Azerbaijan in the 2nd Karabakh war, foreign football players in our team better understood the meaning of the name of the team,” the experienced coach noted.

He recalled that the final match of the 8th round of the Azerbaijan Cup with the Moi̇k team (FC from Baku) Karabakh played at the city stadium in Hankendi, which the occupation regime in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan once once considered his “capital” .

“It was a great day. The match was also observed by President Ilham Aliyev and his wife Mehriban Aliyev. There were also children of the Shehids. It was an unforgettable day,” Gurbanov emphasized.

According to the coach, the match in Hankendi is only the start of football games at Azerbaijan, liberated from the Armenian occupation.

“The stadium will be built in Agdam. Our team will finally return there,” he said.

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