Collapse on Russian-Georgian border: in Vladikavkaz limited departure

In Vladikavkaz, they limited the trip to the posts towards the Georgian border due to a large number of people who want to leave Russia, the publication of the Caucasus. Reali.

according to unofficial data, the restrictions were introduced at night on September 23: at about 3:30, the movement stopped near the traffic police post. According to eyewitnesses, law enforcement officers do not let motorists, since a multi -kilometer traffic jam gathered before the upper Lars.

According to users of telegram channels, cars are launched in the direction of the checkpoint only with local numbers. In this regard, some people go to the border on foot, go on scooters and bicycles or pay local residents for the opportunity to get to the border with them.

Officially, the authorities of North Ossetia do not comment on the situation.