College of lawyers was accepted into European Association of Lawyers

The successes of the Azerbaijani Bar Association in the international arena continue. As a logical continuation of the work carried out in this area over the past 4 and a half years, this year the board applied for the entry into the European Association of Lawyers. After receiving a positive assessment and a successful process on September 29, 2022, the collegium was officially accepted as a member of the Association.

The European Association of Lawyers was founded in 1986 by former members of the International Association of Young Lawyers in order to strengthen relations (non -showing) between members, exchange of experience in matters related to professional activities, and knowledge about European law.

The Association includes representatives of various jurisdictions in Europe and beyond (Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Great Britain, USA, etc.) . A constantly expanding network serves the development of professional and social relations of its members.

Currently, half of the members of the Association are individual lawyers, 40 percent are law firms and 10 percent – associations of lawyers.

Detailed information about the association and the capabilities that it creates for its members can be obtained by the link: