Commander -in -Chief of Armed Forces promises to return Mariupol this year

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will free Mariupol this year, the Commander -in -Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny is sure.

A fragment of the interview with the general is given in the documentary “Year” of the journalist Dmitry Komarov, dedicated to the anniversary of the invasion of the Russian Federation.

Zaluzhny spoke about his dialogue with the children, which took place on the eve of St. Nicholas Day on December 17. “The boy – Ilya, in my opinion, was called, maybe for four years – he takes my hand, takes me off and says:” Will we definitely return to Mariupol? “I say:” Yes. “He asks:” And when? ” “And this year,” the general shared, adding that such stories inspire him.

Mariupol, located in the southeast of Ukraine, became one of the main goals of Russia at the beginning of the war. The city was in full environment since March. Russia announced the full capture of the city on April 21. The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu personally reported this to President Vladimir Putin. However, the battles continued until May 17. The captured members of the Azov battalion were subsequently released as part of the exchange of prisoners with Russia.