Company associated with oil sector of Iran fell under sanctions

US authorities have imposed sanctions against 9 companies related to the oil industry of Iran.

This was reported in a press release from the American Ministry of Finance.

“Today, the US Department of Finance Control of the US Department of Finance (OFAC, is responsible for law enforcement in the field of restrictive measures – ed.) has imposed sanctions against 9 organizations playing a crucial role in the production, sale and supply of Iranian petrochemical products to customers in Asia and petroleum products for hundreds of millions of dollars, ”it was said.

6 Iranian companies fell under restrictions, including the largest in Iran, the manufacturer of polyethylene Amir Kabir PetroChemical Company. Two organizations that are on the list are based in Singapore, another in Malaysia.

“Iran is increasingly addressing customers in East Asia to sell its petrochemical products and oil products in violation of US sanctions. States are still focused on taking measures against illegal sources of Tehran’s income and will continue to apply their sanctions against those who consciously It contributes to this trade, ”said Brian Nelson, Deputy Minister of Finance of the United States, whose words are given in a press release.

Inclusion in the sanctions list means freezing assets in the United States and a ban for American citizens or companies to conduct business with its defendants.