Conference League: “Karabakh” takes Swiss Basel

Today at 20:45, the Baku Olympic Stadium will begin the match of the 1st round of the group stage of the conference league between the Azerbaijani “Karabakh” and the Swiss “Basel”.

To judge the meeting will be a brigade of arbitrators from Belgium led by Eric Lambrechts.

Teams are in the group “H” along with Kazakhstan “Cairat” and Cyprus “Omonia”. These clubs meet today in Almaty at 18:30 in Baku.

“Karabakh” in the eighth time in a row made his way into the group tournament of Eurocups. To hit the conference league group, the wards of Gurban Gurbanov alternately defeated the Israeli “Ashdod” (0: 0, 1: 0), Cyprus Ael (1: 1, 1: 0) and Scottish Aberdeen (1: 0, 3: 1) .

“Basel” passed Albanian “partisans” (3: 0, 2: 0), Hungarian “Upest” (2: 1, 4: 0) and Swedish “Hammarby” (3: 1, 1: 3, in the series Penalty – 4: 3).

Recall, in the conference league, the winners of eight groups will directly receive the right to play 1/8 finals. Teams that have taken 2nd places will play in an additional round for reaching 1/8 finals with clubs that have become third in Europa League Groups.