Congratulations are received addressed to new Foreign Minister of Turkey Hakan Fidan

Hakan Fidan, appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the new office, declared by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, received congratulations from colleagues from Azerbaijan, France, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRSK), Ukraine, Estonia and Sweden.

– Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jaykhun Bayramov congratulated Fidan on the appointment of Twitter on the social network and wished him success at a new post.

Bayramov expressed confidence that fraternal and allied relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey will be strengthened.

In another message on the social network, JAHUN BAYAMAMOV was thanked by Mevlyut Chavushoglu, who served the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the previous office, and wished success in his further activities.

– France

French Foreign Minister Catherine Column shared a congratulation against Hakan Fidan on the Twitter social network in Turkish.

“Congratulations, Mr. Hakan Fidan. See you. I express my wishes in continuation of cooperation between France and Turkey, especially in areas as preserving peace and regional stability, dialogue within NATO and in solving global problems.”


Foreign Minister TRSK Tahsin Ertugogllo on the social network Twitter wrote a congratulation of the following content:

“I wish success to the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Mr. Hakan Fidan in fulfilling his duties. I am sure that we will continue to promote our national interests. I have no doubt that” the century of Turkey “will be useful for all sides.”

– Ukraine