Congratulations to GISRS from US

The United States of America (USA) congratulates WHO, the Global Influenza Program, and all the Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS) partners on GISRS’ 70th anniversary and looks forward to another strong 100 years and beyond.

The USA is proud to have co-hosted, alongside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and WHO, the side event on GISRS at the 75th World Health Assembly. The side event was a great display of commitment to sustained and strong global influenza and respiratory virus surveillance. It was encouraging to hear so many Member States share their experiences of how GISRS and influenza preparedness efforts have helped improve broader pandemic preparedness capabilities.

The USA hosts two WHO Collaborating Centres for influenza, including at the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. We thank WHO and all GISRS partners and supporters for their incredible work and achievements for influenza preparedness and global COVID-19 surveillance and response. Speaking on our behalf at the 75th World Health Assembly side event, Loyce Pace, Assistant Secretary for Global Affairs of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said “we wouldn’t be where we are today with the global COVID-19 response without GISRS. The strong response platform from influenza preparedness and response capacities – namely surveillance through GISRS – has played a key role in how we as a global community have quickly responded to the pandemic in its early stages. We look forward to strengthening GISRS, as we take the next steps for pandemic preparedness and response.”

GISRS’ exceptional achievements have made possible through the dedicated commitment and support of WHO and Member States.

The USA supports WHO’s concept for expansion to GISRS Plus, which will integrate broader respiratory disease surveillance into the proven global network for influenza as a means to continue strengthening global prevention, preparedness, detection and response capacities.

With the success of the GISRS side event and strong displays of support for GISRS throughout the 75th Assembly, we look forward to rallying together to further develop the proposal for GISRS Plus, and we look forward to continued success as we move towards GISRS’ next 100 years and beyond.

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