Consequences of nuclear war between Russia and USA are predicted

The nuclear war between Russia and the United States will lead to global hunger and take the lives of more than five billion people – two -thirds of the world’s population. Such a forecast was voiced by scientists of the University of Ratger in a study published in Nature Food magazine, reports Plus-O

Using computer modeling, scientists calculated that the full -scale war of the United States and its allies with Russia can lead to the use of more than 90 percent of the nuclear weapons available in the world. The result of this will be the release of more than 165 million tons of soot into the atmosphere, causing a nuclear winter all over the planet.

carbon particles will close the earth from the sun, and the ozone layer will be destroyed as a result of heating the stratosphere. This will lead to an increase in dangerous ultraviolet radiation on the surface and crop failure around the world.

At the same time, 360 million people can die directly from the explosions of nuclear shells, while more than five billion will “become victims of hunger” after the disaster.

The new climatic model allowed scientists to evaluate the impact of a nuclear conflict on the cultivation of corn, rice, spring wheat and soybeans. After the war of the United States and Russia, the reduction will be 90 percent for three to four years. Moreover, the fall of the crop will be the most catastrophic in the countries of the average latitudes, including large exporters as Russia and the USA.

One of the authors of the study, Professor Alan Robok said that scientists have collected more than enough information to understand that nuclear war of any scale will destroy global food systems and kill billions of people.