Contrary to protests of Russia: NATO continues to expand

NATO adheres to open doors policies not only in words, but also in practice, the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg.

Secretary General recalled that in recent years, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia have accepted in NATO. “We expanded the North Atlantic Alliance, despite the protests from Russia,” he said.

Stoltenberg also led Article 10 of the North Atlantic Treaty, according to which the Alliance can invite other European countries to join NATO, reports RBC.

Speaking about Ukraine, the Secretary General stressed that this is a sovereign country that herself must define its future. The decision on the accession of Ukraine to NATO will be taken only by Kiev and 30 members of the North Atlantic Alliance.

December 1 President Vladimir Putin said that Russia needs reliable legal guarantees that can exclude the possibility of expanding NATO to the East and placement by the alliance of shock offensive arms in neighboring states.