Coronavirus: Almost everyone lied godlessly

The World Health Organization assessed the number of those killed from coronavirus: humanity has lost about 15 million people. This figure is very different from the official data provided by the government, according to them, “only” 5.4 million people.

So, in India alone, the pandemic took the lives of 4.7 million people, almost a third of all world losses, but the official figure is ten times less.

The basis of the calculations that gave such results was the method of determining the number of excess deaths, that is, the excess of mortality in relation to the usual expected mortality. In general, the planet during the Pandemia died by 13% more people than if it had not happened.

The champion in the under -read deaths from Covid, according to WHO, is Egypt. Official data is 11.6 times less than real losses. Next comes the already mentioned India – 10 times. Pakistan – 8 times, Indonesia – 7 times. Serbia distinguished itself in Europe – 4.4 times. The pandemic mortality of Kazakhstan has almost so underestimated. Russia – “total” by 3.5 times.

Surely not always the underestimation of real numbers was due to political reasons. The imperfection of the calculation methods could also be affected. But, as WHO experts say, in any case, the lack of real information prevents the future in the future to respond correctly to the pandemia and take timely and accurate measures.

among the countries in which the record excess mortality is noted: Peru – 437 people per 100 thousand people, Russia – 367, Brazil – 160, Turkey – 156, USA – 140, Germany – 116. The average figure in the world is 96. This in countries such as China, Japan and Australia, negative mortality was noted, there Kovid practically did not affect the indicators of mortality in the country.

There is not enough information on Africa countries. And one of the main conclusion of WHO: it is necessary to qualitatively improve the system of registration of diseases and their consequences throughout the world. The current pandemic is definitely not the last.