Coronavirus toe visit of German Foreign Ministry to Turkey

Foreign Minister Annalena Berkok, during her visit to Pakistan, handed over to Koronavirus, the result of which turned out to be positive. On Tuesday, June 7, said the representative of the German Foreign Ministry, Christopher Burger.

The head of the ministry dinner dinner to the fact that she did not feel the taste of dishes. She made an express test at the German Embassy in Islamabad, reports Deutsche Welle.

“All further events are canceled,” said the representative of the Foreign Ministry. As part of the tour, which was supposed to last until June 10, Berbok was planned to visit Greece on June 8, and later – Turkey.

Berbok’s visit to Pakistan began on June 7th. It was managed by the country’s Foreign Minister Bilan Bhutto Zardari. During the meeting, the situation was discussed in neighboring Afghanistan.