Councils of Belarus: West by all means is trying to drag republic into Ukrainian conflict

The West is trying with all its might to drag Belarus into the Ukrainian conflict, while the republic develops measures to avoid the untying of the war.

This was stated by the State Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic Alexander Volfovich at the ceremony of the release of officers of the faculty of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the Belarusian State Media reports on Friday, June 21.

According to him, a difficult military-political situation is taking shape around Belarus today, therefore, the knowledge and skills of graduates of the faculty of the General Staff are important today.

today the United States and its associates on the NATO bloc are unprecedentedly inflated by the military-political situation in the world, the Eastern European region of collective security. Today the conflict is not stopped in our neighboring state-Ukraine, where the West is trying to draw the Republic of Belarus by all means “, – he noted.

The economic and humanitarian ties traditionally composed for decades with the countries neighboring Belarus in the West are also cracking at the seams, said the Secretary of State of the Belarusian Security Council.

today, having destroyed these friendly relations, countries on the western borders of our country also aggressively treat us with our strategic partner – Russia, increase military presence, invest in military budgets to the detriment of the economic interests of their peoples, increase the number of exercises, On a systematic basis, reconnaissance of our territory is carried out, spending flights along the borders of Belarus daily, ”the State Secretary emphasized.

Alexander Volfovich added that the leadership of the country and the Armed Forces knows about this situation, monitors and develops a set of measures to avoid the worst script – the unleashing of war.

He also noted that the knowledge of graduates of the faculty of the General Staff today is more important than ever to the country and structures of the Belarusian power unit. “This year this holiday coincides with a round date – the liberation of our country from the Nazi invaders. This is our story. So it has already developed for the Belarusian people that such holy words as” freedom “and” independence “,” world “And” security “is worth a lot. And we are obliged to protect them with you, to ensure the security of our state,” Volfovich added.