Court allowed Pashinyan not to apologize

The Armenian Court of Appeal canceled the decision of the court of first instance, according to which Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan must apologize to the ex-chairman of the Constitutional Court Grier Tovmasyan, Armenia Today reports.

Earlier, the court of first instance decided to partially satisfy the claim of Grier Tovmasyan against Nikol Pashinyan. The court ordered the head of the Armenian government to bring a public apology to Tovmasyan, rejecting Tovmasyan’s demand for the payment of monetary compensation at the same time. After that, Pashinyan and lawyer Griera Tovmasyan appealed to the court of appeal. The Prime Minister demanded to cancel the decision of the court of first instance, Tovmasyan, in turn, demanded satisfying his claim regarding the payment of monetary compensation.

In January 2020, Pashinyan said that Grair Tovmasyan, who then held the post of chairman of the Constitutional Court, in every possible way offered him his services, in particular, in order to get into confidence, gave him his pen.