Court decided on appeal of William Gadzhiev

The trial on the appeal of the former head of the executive branch of the Imishchensky district, William Gadzhiev, has ended, reports.

The court rejected the complaint of Gadzhiev, upheld the decision of the court of first instance. The court also refused to remove the arrest from the 5 millionth property issued in the name of V. Dzhulutta Ibragimova’s wife and their son Magomed Gadzhiev.

William Gadzhiev was detained during the special operation of the State Security Service (SGB). The former head of the IV was found guilty under the articles of the Criminal Code 179.3.2 (assignment or embezzlement on an especially large scale), 308.1 (abuse of official powers), 311.3.3 (receiving a bribe in large sizes), 313 (official forgery) and 228 (illegal storage (illegal storage weapons) and a decision of the Baku court on serious crimes was sentenced to 12 years in prison.