Court did not consider petition in case of an investigator-taker

In the Baku court on serious crimes, a preparatory meeting was held in the criminal case of the former investigator of the Baku city prosecutor’s office of 62-year-old Samir Kerimov and retired police officer Ramin Talybov accused of receiving a bribe.

According to haqqı, a former investigator who is accused of receiving bribes from India citizens who sold washing powders in Baku in 2001, 20 years ago left Azerbaijan, so the investigation of the case was terminated. But, as soon as Kerimov returned to Baku, he was detained during an operation conducted by law enforcement agencies and was detained.

It is argued that in 2001, Kerimov, who worked as an investigator for particularly important cases in the Baku city prosecutor’s office, accompanied by Ramin Talybov, an employee of the 28th department of the Yasamal district police department, and other police officers inspected the building of the Indian company selling washing powders and I found out that the quality of the goods does not meet the standards. However, having received a bribe of 20 thousand dollars, the investigator closed his eyes to violations. After some time, Karimov learned and fired him from the prosecutor’s office. After the ex-investigator left the country. In relation to Kerimov and Talybov opened a criminal case. Talybov then was released on bail.

At the preparatory court session, Talybov’s lawyer Mehman Abbasov asked to call to court and interrogate some witnesses who testified against his client. The petition of the lawyer was supported by Karimov’s lawyer, Kamandar Nasibov. He said that the company who sold the washing powder belonged to Aydin Abbasova, the son of Abbas Abbasov, the former first deputy prime minister of Azerbaijan: “The Indians were patronized by Aydin Abbasov. The production on this case was previously frozen, and we believe that these witnesses should be interrogated after new initiation of a criminal case. “

The petition was not considered.

The court was appointed on October 31.